As part of our mission as a urban-serving, public research university we are committed to move ideas and technologies emanating from our research and intellectual ecosystem forward to impact the broad communities that we serve. These ideas and technologies cut across multiple interest areas including applied and fundamental sciences, business, computational sciences, engineering, health sciences, humanities and social sciences.

To move our research ideas and technologies, Wayne State seeks and encourages industry collaborations and corporate research alliances. We have a long history of working with the private sector to take research out of our laboratories and into the commercial marketplace. In working with industry, the incubation and advancement of ideas and technologies along the innovation and commercialization continuum may take several different paths as illustrated by the following examples.

In welcoming such opportunities with the private sector, we need to ensure that they be aligned with our academic mission as a public research university, and any relevant institutional policies. To meet these broad objectives, we have established a rich ecosystem that touches upon all of these different goals and provides various mechanisms for public-private initiatives involving research and technology development.

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